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Back in the Day Club TV Shows Vibe TV 2015 & 2005

Vibe TV was such a great show we produced in 2015 to showcase the vibe inside the Meadows Casino with everything that was going on at that time. Elena the main talent was a pro! everyone loved her. Myself AJ Fresh and TJ the DJ help out with some on camera segments. All in all was so much fun working on this project.
Produced by: (Fresh Media Group AJ Brach & Jenn Tapuzzano) logo.png was something in 2005 Pittsburgh never had on the late night tv in the market. It was such a big hit for both club owners and people that wanted to see themselves on tv (UPN). I was excited to help co-produce, shoot, edit and even be a host once in a while with such a young fresh talented group of hosts and crew in 2005. Jecceca was so great on camera "natural" and Old time friend Bubba (B94 Radio Host) brought the extra sauce to balance all the hot on camera ladies we had. Enjoy this flash back! (Produced by Creative Visions AJ Brach & Amy Taylor)

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